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Eugenia Altamira

Eugenia is a kind and warm teacher with powerful coaching skills. Her ability to connect with people and guide them in their path of growth has changed many lives.

​She was a tenured professor and researcher at Universidad Latina de America for eight years, has a degree in Psychology, and practiced for several years in her native Mexico. Her need to find more effective and powerful techniques to help others create the life they desire brought her to Transformational Breath®.

Eugenia has traveled the world teaching and sharing this life-changing technique independently and with her mentor Judith Kravitz, the creator of the Transformational Breath® technique and Founder of the Transformational Breath Foundation.

She is currently the Curriculum Coordinator for the Transformational Breath® Foundation (TBF) and Regional Liaison for Latin America. She is an international Senior Trainer for the TBF teaching in Europe, Middle East, the USA, and Latin America.

She shares her time between her two passions; Her family and Breathwork.


Laura Altamira

Laura is an entrepreneur and Certified Transformational Breath® Trainer. She firmly believes the only way to teach is by example and that life has a sneaky way of preparing you for what you need, even if you only realize it after the fact. She acquired her coaching and teaching skills the hard way; her nature is evenly split between being incredibly driven to succeed and being a master procrastinator and self-saboteur. This forced her to find strategies to keep herself in check, and she had an incredibly successful 20-year career in sales and management.

After a series of personal losses in 2014 and 2015 that triggered severe PTSD and anxiety crisis, she was forced to rethink where she wanted to go with her life and (as it often happens) feeling terrible and at a loss led to personal growth and change.

Laura knows first-hand how easy it is to step into a place of self-limiting beliefs and actions. This is precisely why she fully embraced the world of Personal and Spiritual Growth and made a new career from it. With her sister, Eugenia, she runs Respiremos®, a Transformational Breath® training company that co-organizes over 24 events per year worldwide. Goddess Alchemy is their newest venture where they are focusing on other ways to help and empower people worldwide.


Robert Leavitt

Rob enjoys working with individuals and small groups in advancing greater health and vitality through Breathwork.

He is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Trainer with 25 years of experience.  He also has 20 years of experience at Hewlett Packard in several positions: Sales Operations Manager II, North America Business Development Manager, US Reseller Manager, Corporate Call Center Trainer, and Named Accounts Sales Representative.

For the past three years, he also served as an advisor to the Transformational Breath Foundation Board of Directors.

He currently serves as Respiremos’ US Business Coordinator leading workshops and supporting training events throughout the US and Mexico. His combined experience in the corporate business world and Breathwork is invaluable in helping our clients.






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