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About Transformational Breath®

Transformational Breath®is a powerful way to work with yourself in all the aspects of the human being. In very simple terms the main goal is to re-learn to breathe the way we should do it naturally: Using the diaphragm and breathing with a continuous flow in a relaxed fashion. 
Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? In reality you may be wondering why do we need to learn to breathe properly? We should do it naturally! In fact, most of us assume we do, it’s an autonomic function of the body and it should work fine on its own.
Think about what happens in your body when you are angry? What happens when you cry? When someone hurts you and you don’t want to show the pain? The answer to all these questions is probably something like this: you tighten your stomach and hold your breath. Now think of how many times this has happened in your life…
​So essentially the reason we don’t breathe the way we should has to do with the fact that we use our breath to control our emotions, and by doing this countless time through our lives, we create physical blockages in our body and alter our breathing pattern.
These blockages contain the emotional vibration of the repressed memories we were trying to control with our breath. In the sessions we access these repressed emotions and have the opportunity to integrate them without having to engage in complicated and extensive mental processes. 
Picture this: someone you love has hurt you, they realize what they have done, and they apologize. You accept the apology and want to move forward, and perhaps mentally you do. You sincerely want to forgive them. But this doesn’t mean the pain immediately goes away, does it? Talking about it might help, or it may not, in either case it may take a while to completely get over the emotional pain.


What Transformational Breath® does is creates the bridge that allows you to jump from point “A” (the emotional pain) to point “B” (feeling well again) without having to engage in a verbal or mental process. 

We call this the Mental/Emotional Level and psychologists that work with us believe that one Transformational Breath® session could be as powerful as one year of therapy.
We also work on the physical level, as I mentioned before we work on all aspects of the human being. Proper diaphragmatic breathing has immediate benefits in your health:
  • One of the biggest benefits is reducing stress, which is known to help manage the symptoms of conditions as wide-ranging as irritable bowel syndrome, depression anxiety, and sleeplessness. By helping you relax it lowers the harmful effects of the stress hormone cortisol on your body.
  • Lowers your heart rate.
  • Helps lower your blood pressure.
  • Helps you cope with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Improves your core muscle stability.
  • Improves your body’s ability to tolerate intense exercise.
  • Lowers your chances of injuring or wearing out your muscles.
  • Gives you more energy, oxygen is the fuel the cells in our body need to function properly.
  • It aids in better detoxification and it will stimulate the proper functioning of many internal organs. 
If nothing else, the benefits on the physical level are many.
​The third level we work on is the Spiritual Level. The more we achieve emotional integration, the more room there is for us to be in the present instead of looking into our past, to be who we truly are and to live a full life. 
​It is in this space that the Transformational Breath® works on the spiritual level, for us the spiritual work creates the space for you to connect more deeply with your beliefs and your inner guidance; whatever they are. 
Last but not least, Transformational Breath® is a tool that you can use on your own, it’s a companion for your journey through life. Our goal is to empower you, you can attend sessions with a facilitator, or you could choose to attend one of our Seminars and learn how to facilitate your own sessions. So, you can have this amazing and powerful tool anytime and anywhere you may need it.
I have never encountered something as powerful and as simple as the breath. It has helped me create the ideal life for myself; and I can’t wait to share this gift with you.
​The most powerful gift that the breath gives you is the fact that once emotional integration happens you will be able to follow your inner guidance effortlessly, because your life is no longer dictated by a need to repress memories and at the same time resolve the trauma related to them.

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